To Ato Meles

Hey Ato Meles,

Almost all the writings that I have read so far, I just don't see much support for you. I can't say I keep track all of them out there but the ones that I saw are pretty damming towards you and your policies and actions you have been a part of.

There are a number of facts (as were reported by number of papers) that kind of make me wonder about you. The time you went ahead and gave up our access to the sea – I would say, that was a pretty devastating move; A pretty major strategic mistake.

Although I'm no political scientist or anything, it just doesn't seem right dividing people up along ethnic lines. I have a hard time seeing what sort of benefit that would bring to the ordinary folks by being told they are this or that ethnic identity. From what I have read, the exports seem to think that such a policy is a recipe for disaster.

About the killings, that just isn't nice, to say the least. I understand that you are the head of a pretty big bureaucracy and can't make real time decisions on all matters for all people that work for you, but from personal experience, people do understand and tend to follow a certain tone a leader sets. Here, I'm thinking of the killings that occurred during the protest, right around the election. I don't think you are unaware of the reports of pretty disgusting tactics the foot soldiers were using, for instances cohercing family members to sign certain affidavits as a precondition to fetch corpses of their loved ones. That is pretty low. Wouldn't you say?

There may be some disputes as to these facts, but I suspect most of them have some truths in them. As you have said in one of your BBC interviews, a single death is one too many. I hope you meant it and still do.

Ok, now, given all these missteps, various opposing parties are pouncing on you every little chance they get. The thing that kind of saddens me (may be I shouldn't be) is that, I feel like a good number of your adversaries seem to be after your job. That is no crime, of course. But most comments I have heard so far are a whole bunch of demonizing comments that just don't serve any real purpose. My point is, I just don't hear alternative ideas as to how they can be better than you in areas that would have direct impact on the average people. That is the stuff I'm interested about. I don't care if you or anyone else is in power. I care more about the quality and workability of policies that do attempt to solve real problems.
Seeing the utter poverty that is out there, why would anyone be engaged in bashing you or your supporters bashing the opposition. That is politics, I suppose. Wouldn't it be nice if we hear actual policies, alternatives ideas that could possibility changes peoples lives to the better? Let's hear about what our leaders intend to do so that every child, man and women will have three meals a day; let's hear about your ideas that would land us on our feet so that we will no longer beg for genetically engineered, steroid pumped sacks of wheat from anyone ever; let's hear your ideas that will build us clinics to treat our sick; let's hear your approaches how you would be able to build the infrastructures, roads, factories, and the likes so that we will be able to create value and improve our standard of living; let's know your policies that would allow every children classrooms, desks, books and capable teachers so that we will be able to change for the better.

Those are the things I'm interested about, the final outcome that makes a positive difference to lives of regular people on the streets.

Oh, one more thing, jailing opposition party leaders just doesn't look good. You might want to do something about that. Don't you think?


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