People’s daily:”Britain on Friday joined the World Bank in announcing a new aid package, saying Britain was to resume its aid to Ethiopia.”

As the commies put it here, quoting the Brit government official, they don’t want the poor to suffer. In other words, they don’t expect the current government to be able to deal with its problems. That is a bit of an insult if I were Ato Meles. Ok, that may sound a bit naive given the magnitude of the problem. Nevertheless, it is an insult.

Wouldn’t it be nice, Ato Meles, to talk to the Brits or the other rich donors, we’re thankful for all your generosities, but what we would like most from you is to let us sell our goods and services to you. That would be a proud way of going about it if, indeed, your government, Ato Meles, is investing on education, infrastructure, tranforming the government to be efficient and honest, and leading the way to change the peoples overall attitude. I understand, politics is taking much of your time, but wouldn’t be nice to spend some of your precious time on development, and install your legacy. Yes, legacy. I sure think you would want to be remembered as a person that contributed positively than being part and instigator of the many problems.


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