Frankfurt Starbucks seems to be the exact copy of the ones in the States. I’m in one of them right now, right in the middle of town. The chairs, the menus (except more expensive here), the interior decoration, the uniforms servers wear, almost every damn thing from top fo bottom is the exact replica of the one in my neighborhood.

This particular one is located what looks to be in the downtown area. I see lots of ‘suits’ around me sipping overpriced, overly hyped mix of various sorts of coffee and milk.

I see a number of higher caliber businesses around here. Commerzbank is right next door. I see one, what looks to be a mini Mercedes-Benz dealership right across the street. I wonder if this place is looked at in a higher status than the ones back home. Or does it just happen to be in the nicer part of town. Probably the latter.

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  1. san says:

    Excellent. I will add this link to our Resource centre website – you’ve done a great job.

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