ERs proxy war

What the hell is going on? The prime minister is saying Ethiopia is ‘technically at war’ with those damn religious zelots.

What the heck is really going on? There are a number of possibilities.

1) It may just be – as it appears on the surface. We all know, ERs, not all of them by any means, but a healthy majority, get up every morning and ask themselves, … “how could we screw our neighbors to the south because we can’t seem to do anything right on our own and let’s just blame them for everything, and may be, just may be, we may be able to get back to the good old days of exchanging paper with dollars. Some of our cousins down there should be able to facilitate that once we get it going. We know that they could be quite generous. Oh, good old days, don’t you remember when we were the 6th or so, I think it was, coffee exporters in the world wihout growing a single bean here at home. We got to get back to that”

So with that fervour, they see the fools way down south, who have been fighting for, God knows how long, and say to themselves … “humm…we could give them everything they want, weapons whatever, may be some cash. To raise cash, we could just levy another $200 doallrs per head on all Eritreans who live in the states and Europe. Thank God for the janitorial services there, they will be able to come up with anything we ask of them. With that, we could just get Meles and his boys out of the way, and get, humm… may be OLF in Addis. Oh, God, that will be the day. We could just do anything if we could get those dudes in finfinne (Addis). Anything, I tell ya.”

To that end, the grand strategy may to open wars on two fronts, with Somalis down south heading up, and their own ‘crop gathering‘ force moving southbound.
2) OR it could be an attempt to change the subject by both, Ethiopian and ER governments, in collaboration or otherwise. Meles calls up Afeworke and the conversation goes like this…
Meles, “What is up, cous?” [for those who don’t get the lingo, ‘cous’ is to mean ‘cousin’]
Afeworke, “What’s up, my man, how are things down there?”
Meles, “you know how it is, those jokers want to just waltz into office from their million birr mini mansions…don’t they know the kind of pain you and I had to go through for 30 odd years to get here…Are they so darn foolish to think that we would just give it up like that just for the sake of ‘democracy’….I don’t know what to think of them, man…they are just a bunch of democracy craze hooligans…can’t believe any institution would give them jokers Phd’s…can you believe that? ”
Afeworke, “I know what you mean, cous”
Meles, “anyways, the reason I called is, I know how tough things are for you, and you know my situation down here as well…so you might want to think about starting something up down south with those fools. That sure will take a whole lot of pressure off our backs”
Afeworke, “Gotcha, will go with that and I will rally the suckers here…and you do the same over there also”
Meles, “will do….got to go, Azeb is bitching again…you know how that is ”
Afewroke, “I feel ya…take care”

3) Or the big boys (the superpower(s)) may not be liking things brewing in Somalia, and wanted to do something about it

Oh, I don’t know…what the heck do I know?


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