Meles’s interview

I’m not one of those Meles (Prime Minister of Ethiopia) bashers. I just say what I think kind of case by case basis. I just hate when people paint with broad stroke and say every single policy that his adminitration developed and implemented is bad.

That being said, he recently gave an interview to some babe  who works for the Post. Two interesting points there, she asked about the killings and jailing of the opposition right after the election, and his response was, as I understood it of course ‘I couldn’t beat them at the polls so what the heck, I had them incarcerated, because I couldn’t get them to shut the hell up. They just don’t know not to mess with a guy with a bunch of armed thugs.’

The other interesting point is – he seemed to suggest that he may not run again. He said, ‘ personally, I think I’ve had enough.’ That is quite interesting.

A little about my view of Meles … when I listen his arguments and speeches, he makes perfect sense to me. Three things I really hate about him though, 1) he gave up Asseb (one of those mistakes the dumbest person on earth shouldn’t have made 2) the clause in the constituition, so I was told (I haven’t read it personally), but so it says that if a bunch of people get together and say, ‘hell, we don’t want to be part of Ethiopia anymore; we want to have our own ‘country’ ‘, and so they would be given an option to pursue that. That seems to absolutely crazy to me and 3) the killngs that happend right after the election, and of course the jailing of the opposition leaders. That is just as crazy as it can get.

Other than that, I plead guilty to all those Meles bashing ET bloggers out there, he tends to make sense to me, for instance, we he talks about the economy. He seemed a smart dude who knows what the hell is going on. I listened to some of his parliament presentations, and was quite impressed by his grasp of the issues (regardless of his policy recommendations). I don’t know, that could be because I wasn’t expecting much in the first place.


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