Ethiopia, Somalia War widening…

BBC News: “Jets hit the international airport in the capital, Mogadishu, and another at Balidogle, in the south of the country. ”

I just don’t feel good about this.

Meles’s (Prime Minister of Ethiopia), argument would be, here we have an impending threat to the Ogaden region (Ethiopian side) and possibly to the entire countrys’ current form and way of existance, fueled by Islamic ferver (who basically says, live the way I do or die), and needs to be squashed at its place before it becomes too big to deal with. Eritrea is in the mix also, to satisfy its fetish to see Ethiopia suffer in every way possible. So it is a question of survival, Meles would say. Not only that, it could be a possible means to extend the prime minister-ship? 😉

On top of that, there must be a good deal of  pressure from the west to stop the Somali Islamic court’s momentum, for of course, geopolitical reasons.

But I wonder if there were other less ‘aggressional’ methods to achieve the same objective. Although it is hard to say, “you Islamic fanatics, you’re no good to me; you’re no good to yourselves. So you need to stop it.” Given their character, it seems inherently hard to say that. But brilliant minds, I’m sure, couldcome up with some approach to reason with these people. I have to say, I don’t understand them. They may have some legitimant reason as to the way that they are.

I wonder, who is underwriting this madness (most wars are madness to me)? Coffee sales? Another round of borrowing?

Let’s all pray that this madness will stop soon before people start dying.


3 Responses to Ethiopia, Somalia War widening…

  1. ser says:


  2. negus says:

    I agree when you say “most wars are madness to me”; I also believe that this is one of them. Why? Well, you answered it yourself; it is difficult to reason with these people.

    You may think this war is madness; on the contrary, it could turn out to be good, not only for Ethiopia and Somalia – but also for the world. Obviously this depends what the Somalis do afterwards and how the international organisations such as: the AU, UN … helps them to achieve stability.

    For me the ulterior motive to this war is simple, to go one up on Eritrea – again. In the 1998-2000 war they were defeated by ethiopian donkeys ( whilst expecting jets and tanks. Now they get defeated by jets and tanks, may be they were expecting donkeys and mules 🙂 Thet may choose tone of war, but we choose the time and weapons!

    I just hope that the decent people in Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia who understand stability and prosperity can only be when everyone decides to be good neighbour.

    God bless our nations so that they leave in peace.

  3. NOR says:

    Ethiopia (“dehawa”), under all circumstances wouldn’t afford a war. We don’t have resources and time to liberate other countries… hopefully u.s must make sure all the shinyyy deals brought forward to the ethiopian government reach the poor people who are paying with life for a bizarre cause(“Ekekegn Lekekeh”). Imagine us benefit if we used these resources and boost to fight against hiv or drought… May God Bless Ethiopia

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