Fleecing of the capital markets

Bob Nerdelli ,now former CEO of Home Depot, I read, got $220,000,000.00 for getting fired. What a deal!

And he has the nerve to tell us that the ‘board’ that granted him such a pay day as being, “… the most engaged board of any board in America.”

I see and read CEO’s making millions, per month, by selling options. And, they don’t even have to expense the cost. That wasn’t enough, some of them started backdating options so that they would get in when the stock was at the cheapest point. What a scandle! 

You know what all this shit is, legalized form of printing money.  Let’s say it, in the good ol’ U.S. of A public company CEOs are allowed to print money. They don’t even have to incure the printing cost, as the Fed would, they just take what has already been printed. What a bunch of thieves they are!


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