Attacks by Islamists “Heavy fighting has erupted in the Somali capital Mogadishu after gunmen attacked a camp housing Ethiopian troops, hours after government soldiers said they had secured remote regions in the south where Islamist fighters had been holed up. ”

The best thing right now is for Meles to go out there and declare that he is pulling out soon, very soon – if he hasn’t done it already. I’m thinking, he has met his objectives, which I presume were todrive the Islamists out of power and reinstate the so called government recognized by the international community. The world has to step up and help finish the job, help the governement sustain whatever grip they have on power.

If this so called government (by name only at the moment) has a good majority of decent people in it, I think, the people will eventually realize that and calm will be restored. But they need to be helped and helped soon, and the people haveto see something tangible on the ground.

If there are a whole lot of thugs than good doers, then we’re all screwed. Remember, regardless of where these wacko Islamists are, they will still be a menace to us all.

Regardless, hope the dying, on either side, stops soon.


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