China screwing Africa

BBCNews: “Chinese President Hu Jintao has agreed on a series of economic deals in Sudan, which China has protected from UN sanctions over the Darfur conflict.”

Isn’t it sad that Africa is going to be screwed over by China, while reason, transparency, conscious, and mutual benefit seemed to have abated centuries of inequitable relationship with the west?

The Chinese seemed to have moved in full force, protect thugs and killers, as the east – west squabble used to do back 50 or more years ago.

It is just so sad that the same cruel game is going to be played again; the thugs and killers are going to be protected in return for cheaper access to energy, favorable contracts in unfavorable terms, and all sort of other free rides.

Unlike the west, how can one reason with the Chinese?


One Response to China screwing Africa

  1. sewyew says:

    Are you sure that reason was/is part of the relationship with the west?

    I think there is a lot of good PR for western interference. I can see how the BBC and the Economist would see this as a negative development; the very institutions that back them up are being pushed out by the chinese. For the average African however, the choice is between getting shafted and getting shafted with a positve spin.

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