Parade in Frankfurt

I’m sitting in one of Frankfurt’s Starbucks. Ok, I know, shame one me, given what they are trying to do to screw Ethiopia’s poor farmers. This is the only American place I could find in this damn city to ‘virtually’ get away, and get my favorite good ol’ American vibe.

Right in front of me, there is a busy traveled road and right now, there is some sort of parade going on. I was just thinking to myself, what the heck is the purpose of all this. Is it some sort of marketing scheme? Or some sort of free entertainment for the people?I see a number of people on both sides of the street. Apparently some people enjoy this sort of spectacle.

I just don’t see the entertainment or whatever value in it.


2 Responses to Parade in Frankfurt

  1. db says:

    Parades are so cool!! I can’t believe that you sit there wishing to be in the US, and here I am, sitting in South Africa, just WISHING for the chance to migrate anywhere peaceful. Even be that place Germany – parades and all.

    The only parade you’ll see in South Africa is either a gay parade, or people “toi-toiing” about not getting enough money.

    You should really be thankful that you’re at least in Europe and not in some violent and dangerous African city!

  2. Anonymous says:

    its pity you did not bother to discover. i don’t have to explain further. you are just one of those clueless lot floating in a space.

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