Clinton’s Doubletalk

Senator Clinton said, it took the gutse LBJ to get the civil rights legislation passed, not the eloquent speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Yes, it seems somewhat of a harmless, matter of factly statement of how things progressed at that time. But the reality appears to be far from it. As it was interpreted by one of the TV talking heads, it is actually a code word to say Barack Obama is a good speaker as Martin was, but as MLK run around and gave speeches while the folks in Washington sweat bullets doing the substantive work; Senator Obama is nothing but a nice presenter, but, she says, if you want to get the job done, I’m, as LBJ was, the one to do that.

The racial tone here is that, it takes someone like Mrs. Clinton or President Johnson to get the actual work done. Talk is cheap, she says, eloquence and skills to inspire the masses is good, but it takes someone like me, Mrs. Clinton says, to get the job done.

Folks, that is racism 2008 style.


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