Falling for Clinton

Geraldine Ferraro just fallen for a cause, smearing Mr. Obama on her way down. It is a supreme act done for a friend to pull her friend, Ms. Clinton out of the dodo that she is in.

The act went like this.

Mrs. Ferraro basically said, Mr. Obama was able to succeed to the point that he has because he was black, male, and lucky. Gender, luck, and race are the driving factors of Mr. Obamas’s success, Mrs Ferraro quipped.

It is well known that playing the race game is fatal for Mr. Obama. Mrs. Ferraro played it for her friend Mrs. Clinton for their intended audiances’ pleasure, later vote. Mrs. Clinton let the game run for a couple of days, and then “apologized” for it. Can you say, ‘swift boat’

Peggy Noonansaid it best this morning on ‘Morning Joe’, MSNBC morning show, as being ‘race baiting’; a game the Clintons played from South Carolina primary to Ferraro. More to come, may be.

Is Mrs. Clinton’s attitude of – I will have to drive the car OR will help push it off the cliff good for Democrats? Doubt it.

I was 100% supporter, admirer and lover of the Clintons. Was I duped or what!


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