Beginning of the end?

BBCNEWS:”United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has warned that a new war could break out between Ethiopia and Eritrea if UN peacekeepers are withdrawn”.

Could this be the beginning of the end to the Eritrean State?

This piece of land, Italians named Eritrea, used to be an integrated part of Ethiopia since its inhabitation. Colonizers changed the whole equation on its head, unhelpfully sowing seeds of mistrust and hate, resulting in creating an almost irreconcilable rift that exists today.

The Eritreans have been quite unhelpful to Ethiopians in areas of economic development. Quite the contrary. Actions rooted on impulses implanted by outside forces seem to be the driver of it all.

Why are the Eritreans taking actions by way of inconveniencing UN peace keepers to possibly start another war with Ethiopians? It couldn’t possibly be for that insignificant piece of land Ethiopians are still administrating. That much is obvious to all who follow this.

Are the Eritreans are so out of touch that they can force their way in to Ethiopia and reconfigure it to their liking? If they truly make that move, you can be sure that Issayas and his followers have finally drank the kool-aid.


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