Palin’s debate

Last night, I was so nervous for Palin. I thought she was going to embarrass herself so much to the point of making the whole contest a cakewalk for Obama.

She didn’t crush and burn. She didn’t answer the questions but most politician dodge questions all the time too.

Now, we’re going to have to look at her in a different light. If she was a little curious; had she read some books and kept up on the goings-on – may be reading a couple of journals, she does seem to have been quite capable. It would have been more than just spitting out rehearsed speeches on a debate.

Biden did great, I thought. As expected, not only he knew the right answers, but also he didn’t look condescending. He could have trashed her if he wanted to, alienating a whole bunch of people as a result.

You know what the sad thing though; a few people I’ve talked to today actually thought that Palin did say something important worthy of their vote. There was no beef in any of the stuff she said. It was just a packaged all fluff rhetoric.

She did good because she didn’t just collapse on stage. That was an improvement.


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