Obama and McCain

Obama, in his cool and thoughtful manners, came out swinging – answering the first question from an audience member about the what his approach would be to bailout older folks who are affected by home values loses, and current economic downturn in general. He jabbed by linking McCain to Bush in their ‘deregulation’, market is king approach being the cause of all this, and then listing out what the recent bailout legislation would mean to the regular folk.

Throughout, McCain tried to link Obama to the failed companies, and remind voters of his inexperience, and about taxes. None of them resonated, I don’t think.

He had what I thought to be a new approach but come to find out this morning that it is one of the pieces in the recently passed bailout package, i.e. resetting people’s mortgages to current market value to help them stay in their homes. So there is not point there either.

He hasn’t been as blatant in last night’s debate but in the last couple of days he and his running mate, Ms. Palin seemed to suggest that Mr. Obama is a terrorist sympathizer pointing out the time that he served with some dude who was a 1960’s and 70’s violent protester of the Vietnam war. Reportedly, there were Republicans in that charity board, and there are no evidence at all that Obama was sympathetic to this gentleman’s views. It is clearly a desperate move.

My impression of Mr. McCain wasn’t this at all. I thought that he was an honorable person, who wouldn’t stoop down to these kitchen sync, all goes political tactics to win a political contest. The presidency is too enticing, I suppose.

That really is a shame.


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