Powell for Obama

General Colin Powell came out this morning endorsing Obama.

He basically didn’t like Mr. McCain’s tactics of ‘smear politics’, and didn’t much appreciate his selection of Governor Palin for VP. He thought that her performance in the last few weeks showed that she wasn’t ready to take up the presidency something were to happen to Mr, McCain.

He also didn’t like Mr. McCain’s inconsistency during the outset of the financial crisis. General Powell said, Mr. McCain seems to come up with various approaches overtime as the situtation progresses, which showed that Mr. McCain didn’t have full grasp of the problem. On the other hand, Mr. Obama showed the coolness, steadiness, and measured and cautious reaction to the problem. He also admired Mr. Obama’s judgement of selecting a running mate, who Mr. Powell said, is ready to be president on day one.

Mr. Powell wasn’t also fond of having another conservative administration to select one or more superem court justices severily imbalancing the court.


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