Dr. Brezinski on MSNBC

I was up early this morning and happen to watch MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ show. Dr. Brezinski, former National Security Advisor was on. In the interview, one thing that kind of stuck in my head was the part he said about American being in a very deep trouble. He said it more than once.

So I went out and checked what his track record has been. I was impressed to find out that on this 1989 interview he gave to ‘Time’ essentially predicted the fall of Soviet Union two years prior to the actual event.

This morning, he has said that he is for Mr. Obama, which he said he endorsed a while back [I didn’t know that]. He further commented that General Powell’s endorsement is a big thing that could be quite helpful to Mr. Obama.

Dr. B has a new book out, America and The World.


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