Bashir in the doghouse

Mr. Bashir, Sudanese premiere, is in some trouble. He has been indicted/issued an arrest warrant by the International Criminal Court.

It is about time.

What did Al Bashir do?

A group of rebels, based in the Darfur region of Sudan began an armed insurgency against his government. According to the warrant, apparently he considers himself an ‘Arab’ as suppose to an African, and started “polarizing” the population into two camps, an ‘Arab’ and ‘Zurgas’ or ‘African’. He then proceeded to attack the general population of Darfur, basically the ethnic groups the rebels comprised of. In short, a strategy of killing the ‘host’ that carry the “disease”.

And that is, of course, genocide, in line with what Germany under Hitler did. Thus Mr. Bashir’s trouble with the rest of the world.


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