Aid and Africa

Dambisa Moyo was on CSPAN last night. I couldn’t not agree with her more. She said in the past 60 years or so Africa received some trillion dollars in Aid, and nothing of significance to show for it. More people are poorer than ever; sicker than ever; illiterate than ever. She simply is asking why are we doing stuff so demonstrably have been shown not to work.

Aid is a model of pity, she says. While folks feel sorry for us and give us a handout, we’re getting poorer than ever. ‘Free money’  and surplus grains getting dispensed by while folks driving around in sport utility cars hasn’t helped one bit. It made us more dependent, far less productive, thus poorer.

Why are they not treating us the same as east Europeans, South Americans, and Asians. They were pushed towards the markets; their governments were expected of them to perform; they were given access to markets while shown how to fish, not just being fed fish.

Why are we being thought of differently by Jefferey Sacks and the likes she asks. He was apparently her teacher at Harvard for a year; then advocating free market principles and solutions to governments in Eastern Europe, Asia and South America. But when it comes to Africa, oh, let’s just GIVE them this and that; these poor people, they can fend for themselves. ‘We can’t expect them to do things for themselves’ seems to be the attitude.

Why are African governments not expected to solve their problems? Why are unelected celebrities like Bono and the likes speak on behalf of us, while we have supposed leaders who are elected to solve problems? Can we imagine Bono pleading for help for US financial Industry crisis while Obama and his folks seating in the White House sucking their thumbs? Wouldn’t the American people be outraged by that?

That is what my girl Dambisa is saying.

If you happen to read this, Dambisa, please keep it up. You make us proud.


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