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Whatever happened to the Wechegud! lady? I miss her writing, commentary, and humor. Sorely missed, as she would say.

I don’t get this twitter thing; letting people know what you’re doing in a sentence or so. What is the point? Why would I care? It is one of those novelity things that disappears in the ether. They better sell it to facebook for a billion dollars, what I heard to be the recent valuation of it. What is the value it anyways? Eyeballs, i.e it’s popularity is all I can think of. I don’t think it has any revenue to speak of, let alone making money. As I can see it, it is a cash eating machine. Think of the expensive labor, equipment, data center cost; talk about capital expenditure; huge!

But if some genious comes up with a way to turn all those eyeballs to cash, then we’re talking about a different game. That is a sizable IF though.

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