The Stalemate

President Obama just gave a short speech, making his case – that the right wing republicans would rather endanger the country’s economic health than raising a single cent in taxes on millionaires and billionaires; that there are ordinary republicans in the mold of President Regan and the elder Bush in the Senate who support a balanced approach of cuts as well as revenue increases on wealthy Americans and Corporation; that the right wing, nutty Republicans in the house are the ones who are standing between fiscal sanity and economic calamity; that the current so called offer of nutty right-wingers to temporarily extend the limit for 6 months and fight the same exact fight again isn’t solving any problem, rather kicking the ‘can’ down the road which won’t help anyone except still suffer the wrath of the bond traders – as they are plenty capable seeing the deal as what it is; that the electorates who chose a divided government not to paralyze the functions of government but to help solve problems by capitalizing the best of each; that the right-wingers shouldn’t take the word ‘compromise’ as a dirty word rather an integral part of governing to be practiced.

The president is urging all of us to contact our representatives and tell them our wishes.

The sad part is, at least in my case, I’m represented by one of those ultra right-wing, nutty, take no prisoner, would rather see the country go down the drain than taxing billionaires type. So zero chance for me to have my views having any impact but those of you who have a sane person representing you, take the time to do your duties to let them know your thoughts. What the heck, I will do the same regardless.




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