UN buys 90,000 tonnes wheat for Ethiopia — WHY????

Reuters reported, “UN buys 90,000 tonnes wheat for Ethiopia”. According to the report, they will be shipping it from far out place, from somewhere in the black seas region. Why???
You may say that is a stupid question to ask.
But the reality is – there are grains they could purchase from the local market or somewhere close by to save lives.
Did you know that in the middle of the ’80s horrible drought, there were surplus grain production in the southern part of Ethiopia, while folks living in the northern region dying of hunger? The problem is lack of technology, money, and management rather than the actual commodities.
Spending the cash right in the country or region helps the local or regional economy. It is nice that they are trying to help, but they are not really helping. For host of reasons, the problem is reoccurring time and again, and this, shipping consumable stuff from outside, doesn’t do anything to break this horrible cycle. Actually, I would argue it entrenches it.
So, UN folks and donors around the world, it is not like you don’t know this, but have some conscious; don’t screw people over by making them dependent on you; do the right thing; if you want to help, help the right way.

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