The Republicans Strategy

It is facinating.

They changed the discussion from job creation to cutting spending. Was that really what was needed? Of course, not. The government has been spending a lot, more so recently, but for a good reason. No one else is spending; employment is lagging; companies don’t have as many buying customers so they are not hiring; a vicious circle of sorts.

What stops the downward spiral, and get the economy going again? Responsible Government spending on things that help economic activity like infrastructure. In a way, that is what this administration tried to do; not to a degree that would be effective, nonetheless, the attempt was made.

Now, here comes the republican play, it’s ultimate goal being defeating the President.  Change the discussion away from jobs to spending, knowing full well that – if the job picture doesn’t turn around come 2012, President Obama will have the hardest time keeping his. Thus, their strategy; not only slow down economic activity, but actively hamper it by cutting spending so that the pain remains by election day resulting is the loss of one more job, the Presidents.

It could backfire though. If the people understood what it is that they have just done, the wrath could end up being on them. Right now, though, the odds, I would say, are in their favor.


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