Booooo IMF!

Bloomberg reports, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), urging the Ethiopian administration, to slow down the dam building project. 

I don’t know to cry or laugh when I read that. 

They might as well call themselves the International Mega-poverty Fan or something. 

Are you kidding me? Slow it down? You couldn’t stop it and now you want to slow it down?

Here we have a project, that might make use of a vital resource, to finally bring real development (if it is done right), and now told to slow it down because it is overcrowding other projects? What other projects, as important as this one, would there be?

I’m not supporter of the current Ethiopian administration. I don’t know much about the engineering of the project if it is being done properly or not, but few dispute the importance of it. 

This can not be delayed. This has to be done. How long would we continue to be cheated out of this? 

This is not a matter politics. It shouldn’t be politicized as adversaries attempt to do. It is a question of development for all Ethiopians.

Stop screwing us, IMF! Egypt and friends has been doing that for centuries.


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