What Obama’s victory means

We all want the better candidate to win. That is not only what happened on November 6th here in the United States, it was also a good day for Integrity.

My thoughts were – prior to the elections – that it just couldn’t be that shamelessly lying about your competitor’s record win approving nodes by the majority; smearing opponents in every which way plausible win applauds; painting a misleading picture, so bluntly and without regard to decency be a path to the presidency. And, Thank God, it didn’t turn out that way.

We all have something to proudly teach our kids now. Misrepresenting facts isn’t a winner; untruthfulness won’t get you where you want to go.

We all should feel proud to tell the youngsters tacking to the center of popular thought isn’t telling one thing to one group, and another to the other. It ought not be a disregard to the truth, and core convections.

There are bigger things in life than prestigious and influential jobs. There is integrity. Nothing should top that, though at times, we all bend the rules a bit to squeeze a little output. None of us look good under a microscope, but we shouldn’t be so obviously free of integrity to the naked eye either. It isn’t a winner.

Besides that huge win for integrity by way of Obama’s victory, we will also get and have gotten/secured a) affordable and quality healthcare b) equal pay for equal work c) less government involvement in what people do with their bodies, and in their bedrooms d) a sense that we are all in the same boat; equal rights; shared responsibility and share prosperity e) honest accounting (not fake initial budgets, with lots of supplementals throughout the year, by way of threats f) appreciation for science; global warming is a reality and we have to adjust to that reality g) more use of renewable energies and investments on promising technologies h) focus on education; race to the top; incentivizing achievement, and much more.

That is what electing able leadership mean.


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