Gun debate

NRA is legitimizing the assertion that if you have money, as a result some political clout, and perceived influence, you can pretty much make any stupid idea worthy of debate. 

The proposal on table: let’s not allow gun sales to crazy folks and criminals. A no brainer, as any normal person would think. It can’t possibly be hard to have majority of the decision makers to vote for it. Not so these days. The politicians don’t seem to be representing the people, whom over 90% of them support, this, pretty simple, straight forward, logical idea.

What the heck is happening? They, the politicians, seem to be representing their own careers. There are organizations that say: if you go for this, you will be out of a job, 2 years, 6 years down the road. What is a politician to do? Stand in the way of sanity.

The blame doesn’t stop there. We, the people, all should share small part of it. Shouldn’t there be some sort of outrage, saying to this folks, we sent you there; you should stand for my wishes; you’re my representative. It isn’t happening. 


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