Ethiopia Technology Park

I read about this scheme – setting aside a place in Addis suburbs purely for technology companies, with all its conveniences like office space, high speed internet and the likes – which sounds good on the face of it, but hard to imagine how it will work in practice.

I don’t know what other countries experiences have been on applying such a model, but, though it is, again, a good thing, I’m pretty sure it requires unrelenting commitment on the part of the government. Fanatical leaders, whose total focus is to create jobs, increase the poor’s prospects, could make it work. China is probably a good example. But my sense is that, when it comes to Ethiopia, they probably expect the approach to work in on of itself, to sit back and count double digit GDP growth without doing much of the work it requires. Do they really know the insane level of effort it requires to get it to fly? Doubt it. It kind of reminds me of shop keepers around downtown Addis, frowning at customers who come to purchase their goods.

Are the chances zero? No. But, though the idea is good, they are going to probably fuck it up on implementation. Good ideas are, mostly, cheap; What counts is implementation; Getting it to work successfully.


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