Bono remembers…

I have been meaning to write about this for days, and just didn’t get to it.

Here you go …

I watched an interview on Charlie Rose with Bono about his activism and a whole bunch of other topics, and 2/3rd into the interview, he, Bono, recalled the late Prime Minister Meles. He said Meles told him once, in one of their conversations, that the smartest people in Ethiopia are the farmers. Meles reasoned, if they weren’t smart, they would be dead.

Interesting take, I thought.

Corollary to that thought is probably: why are most of them are so damn poor if they were so blazin’ smart? (This is not to say all poor people are dumb or all rich folks are smart.)

Smart / not smart debates are often ugly, and stupid, when applied to groups of people. That said though, if he were to be pressed, does that road leads to self recrimination (they were smart and doing what they are suppose to do but the root of all of their problems is management, i.e. government)?

Again, I’m not saying one way or the other. Just wondering …

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