Climate change

The authoritative government report says we’re getting screwed. The Climate is warming and co2 is rising, some parts irreversible.

Yet, the morons say “war against coal is over.”

More than 9/10 scientists in the climate field, jumping up and down saying, “Danger, Danger!”, and our leaders response is: kill renewables and burn more fuel.

Who would have thought that FoxNews and Talk Radio would play such major parts in the death of hundreds of thousands or more from fluids and forest fires etc… by advocating bad science, knowingly or otherwise misleading these poor, uneducated, working class folks, mostly living in middle of the country?

Leadership is educating the masses. Unfortunately, Republican brothers and sisters rather keep their jobs than lead.

Chinas’ and Indias’ decision to go all electric soon is the silver lining in all of this madness. I want America to lead, however. Why? Because it is a special place, born out of ideals, always striving to fix its sins. #

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