Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all. 

BBCNews.com:  “A thousand years from now, when Ethiopians gather to welcome the fourth Millennium, they shall say the eve of the third Millennium was the beginning of the end of the dark ages in Ethiopia,” he said.

Lucy display

According to the Middle East Times, some folks in the Ethiopian community down in Houston are objecting to he display of Lucy, human remain found in Wello dating millions of years, on the grouds of their political disagreement with the current Ethiopian government.

Good thing, the museum is going to ignore that – and going to go ahead with the ‘show’.

 I’m no supporter of Meles’s government, but this ain’t the way to show discontent.


nytimes:”Halfway through the women’s 5,000 meters race Saturday at the Boston Indoor Games, Tirunesh Dibaba of Ethiopia was left with nothing chasing her closely but her pompom of a ponytail.”

Way to go, Tirunesh. We’re proud of you.

Melkam Gena

Melkam Gena!

Merry Christmas!

For those who don’t know, today is Ethiopian Christmas.


Happy New Year!!


As I was saying, I’m still here in Germany to care for a loved one. So people tell me about the system here…

1. here, people get paid MORE for not working. The reward is – if one works, he/she actually gets paid less than if they don’t. So the message is, stay home, watch your favorite soap, collect your check, and languish to death.

2. if one happens to work for a year or so (for unlikely case, I suppose with all these loopholes), he/she can go to their ‘corrupt’ doctors and get paper saying that he/she is sick, and then the employer and/or the government pays full wages for a year or however long that person was working prior to this phony, made up sickness.

Dude, what the heck are these Germans doing to these immigrants? Make them as lazy as they can get them, and as a result freeze their darn minds to death.

Frankfurt Starbucks seems to be the exact copy of the ones in the States. I’m in one of them right now, right in the middle of town. The chairs, the menus (except more expensive here), the interior decoration, the uniforms servers wear, almost every damn thing from top fo bottom is the exact replica of the one in my neighborhood.

This particular one is located what looks to be in the downtown area. I see lots of ‘suits’ around me sipping overpriced, overly hyped mix of various sorts of coffee and milk.

I see a number of higher caliber businesses around here. Commerzbank is right next door. I see one, what looks to be a mini Mercedes-Benz dealership right across the street. I wonder if this place is looked at in a higher status than the ones back home. Or does it just happen to be in the nicer part of town. Probably the latter.