Fleecing of the capital markets

Bob Nerdelli ,now former CEO of Home Depot, I read, got $220,000,000.00 for getting fired. What a deal!

And he has the nerve to tell us that the ‘board’ that granted him such a pay day as being, “… the most engaged board of any board in America.”

I see and read CEO’s making millions, per month, by selling options. And, they don’t even have to expense the cost. That wasn’t enough, some of them started backdating options so that they would get in when the stock was at the cheapest point. What a scandle! 

You know what all this shit is, legalized form of printing money.  Let’s say it, in the good ol’ U.S. of A public company CEOs are allowed to print money. They don’t even have to incure the printing cost, as the Fed would, they just take what has already been printed. What a bunch of thieves they are!

What a hassle!

This morning, I went to one of Deutsche Bank branches here in the Frankfurt area to open an account. Dude, a lady wearing glasses resembling bottom of a coke bottle, acting as nasty as she could get started interviewing me as if I was in a police station. I thought to myself, do I look like a drug dealer or something? Finally, I said, I don’t have to take this s*ht and walked out of there after depositing money into my attorney’s account. What a hassle!

Shameless Starbucks

TIME: ” U.K.-based charity Oxfam last week accused Seattle-based coffee giant Starbucks of blocking Ethiopian efforts to trademark three types of coffee beans in the U.S. Starbucks denies this, but the controversy continues to percolate.”

24 years for Skilling

Jeff S. will be spending a good deal of his time in prison thinking about the good old days.

Was he thrown out to the dogs to be made an example of? Oh, well, that is one of the risks of being CEO these days. Don’t most of them kind of do the same thing? They promote the heck out of their companies – to later drop their options like ‘it’s hot’.

Jeffy went a little further though. According to the reports, he sat on the helm of a company that “manufactured” good news at will. They created fake partnerships, moved around money from money making units to the losers to make them appear otherwise, and fudged their numbers.

Regardless of all this, hadn’t Jeffery taken a couple of steps more than our bosses, he would have been just fine, sipping a glass of vintage dom perignon in one of his country clubs, smirking at the suckers.

Life in Germany

Ok, it sucks. It stinks to high heaven.

What the hell are you doing there then, you may ask? Someone very close to me is in one of their s*&ty hospitals undergoing a treatment caused by their own gross negligence. That stinks even more.

Most Germans I see on the streets or at the hospital are pretty emotionless, machine like creators. They don’t smile or acknowledge greetings. A number of them are quit rude.

Can’t wait to get the hell out of here!

Oh, one thing I liked is their transportation system. It is simply, excellent.

A380 lands at Bole

AndNetwork.com:”The world’s biggest commercial aircraft super jumbo, Airbus A380, touched down at the Ethiopia’s Addis Ababa Bole International Airport Monday evening, making this Eastern African country the first African nation to welcome the most modern commercial airline in the world.”

It is exciting to be the first. It would have been more exiciting if some part of the it was manufactored in Ethiopia. Ok, some of you may smirk at that, but it will happen one day.

Frankfurt Starbucks seems to be the exact copy of the ones in the States. I’m in one of them right now, right in the middle of town. The chairs, the menus (except more expensive here), the interior decoration, the uniforms servers wear, almost every damn thing from top fo bottom is the exact replica of the one in my neighborhood.

This particular one is located what looks to be in the downtown area. I see lots of ‘suits’ around me sipping overpriced, overly hyped mix of various sorts of coffee and milk.

I see a number of higher caliber businesses around here. Commerzbank is right next door. I see one, what looks to be a mini Mercedes-Benz dealership right across the street. I wonder if this place is looked at in a higher status than the ones back home. Or does it just happen to be in the nicer part of town. Probably the latter.