Nov 8, 2017

Ray Donovan is a damn good show. #

Beginning of the end of politics of division? Let’s hope results from today’s election is the bellwether People of conscious have been waiting for. #

Climate change

The authoritative government report says we’re getting screwed. The Climate is warming and co2 is rising, some parts irreversible.

Yet, the morons say “war against coal is over.”

More than 9/10 scientists in the climate field, jumping up and down saying, “Danger, Danger!”, and our leaders response is: kill renewables and burn more fuel.

Who would have thought that FoxNews and Talk Radio would play such major parts in the death of hundreds of thousands or more from fluids and forest fires etc… by advocating bad science, knowingly or otherwise misleading these poor, uneducated, working class folks, mostly living in middle of the country?

Leadership is educating the masses. Unfortunately, Republican brothers and sisters rather keep their jobs than lead.

Chinas’ and Indias’ decision to go all electric soon is the silver lining in all of this madness. I want America to lead, however. Why? Because it is a special place, born out of ideals, always striving to fix its sins. #

Nov 3, 2017

Trump is kicking down all norms, taking the dignity of the office to the outhouse. How refreshing it would have been if he had good causes, and trace of decency. #


Hoping to be back writing regularly here. #

Sometimes I wonder, with all this craziness with the current US administration going on, if we have back in 1933-34 Europe. It is mind bogglingly crazy that the current president could get 1 in 3 American supporting him. How is that possible? There has to be something fundamental I’m not getting. There got to be. #


What the hell?!

Read this morning that our president has 38% approval rating right now.


How could in the hell could that be ?!

I just don’t get it.

መልካም ጥምቀት


ለክርስትና ሃይማኖት ተከታዮች ወገኖች : መልካም የጥምቀት በዓል !

Performance proceeds democracy?

Mr. Friedman seems to think so.

Friedman supports the military coup in Egypt.

The logic goes, Morsi, the Islamist guy who was toppled by the military, wasn’t good for Egypt and neighbors, and the situation dictated that there was no time to spare for the next round of elections, three years down the road. Damn with the process; damn with democratic principles, if the guy ain’t good and isn’t performing as expected, he has got to go by any means necessary, is the thinking, outlined by Mr. Friedman.