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UK is severing itself from the rest of Europe – whatever that means. And the severing step could take over two years.

Why? Immigration. Pundits and the data supposedly show, immigration has been a net positive for UK. Given triumph of the leave campaign, one has to dig deeper into the numbers.

Though it is a net positive in aggregate, for those times it was negative, who was disproportionally impacted? One can’t just ignore the over 17million folks who voted to go; to not be part of Europe.

Churchill is rolling in his grave. Wasn’t he who called for the United States of Europe

Boris Johnson, one is the folks who spearheaded the leave campaign [along with the racist elements in UKIP], and  “student” of churchill, might have skipped that cornerstone of ideas proposed by the legendary PM. 

Common wisdom is pretty dier of the result of this vote: recession, breakup of the U.K., even of the EU.

Hope a good dose of humility is administered to the elites, and start listening to the people a little more, and lead! 

Will they do their jobs?

I’m still in Germany, sorry to say…and the saga continues. Yesterday, I had to hire another lawyer for over two hundred euros per hour to see if he could help me deal with these damn doctors. One thing I learned here is that most people I encountered here are so fucking racist and prejudicial, there is nothing I could do on my own to get a better, humane treatment out of them. On top of all that, I hear that they have a new policy of “saving”, which means is that the ratio of doctors and nurses per patients significanlty changes for worse. I believe one of them told me a single nurse for 20 very ill patients or something like that. The thing is, my loved one, requires a more intensive care than a nurse rushing in – into the room as if she is in some sort of race to put up the IV lines and all the rest that she needs to do and dashes out. I mean, she literally does small dashes in the room to get to all the things she needs to get to before leaving the room. Don’t get me started about the doctors. No one shows up for days if you can believe that.

Medical care is hard without this sort of stuff, and I can’t begin to tell you all the mistakes we were made to bear thus far. Re-living all that for this blog post, I think, will make me lose even more weight (so far I have lost more than 15 lbs).

I keep on cursing the day we came here in the first place. Good old US of A, my home, my adopted country, why are you so darn far away?

Hospital in Germany

If anyone knows of a good hospital (regardless of the cost) here in the Frankfurt (Germany) area, please email me at

Thank You!