24 years for Skilling

Jeff S. will be spending a good deal of his time in prison thinking about the good old days.

Was he thrown out to the dogs to be made an example of? Oh, well, that is one of the risks of being CEO these days. Don’t most of them kind of do the same thing? They promote the heck out of their companies – to later drop their options like ‘it’s hot’.

Jeffy went a little further though. According to the reports, he sat on the helm of a company that “manufactured” good news at will. They created fake partnerships, moved around money from money making units to the losers to make them appear otherwise, and fudged their numbers.

Regardless of all this, hadn’t Jeffery taken a couple of steps more than our bosses, he would have been just fine, sipping a glass of vintage dom perignon in one of his country clubs, smirking at the suckers.


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